I took most of today off from work. I received a phone call earlier in the week letting me know my diabetes test came back positive with the  markers. My son was diagnosed  with type 1 in December and we all were tested in January. I have to go back in today to be retested to make sure I do in fact have diabetes type 1.

The good news about that is I won’t experience diabetic onset. Which can make you feel terrible. I think if confirmed I will be put on insulin or a medication hopefully prior to my pancreas giving up completely. Also, my son who daily deals with this reality will have a companion to endure this with. I have learned so much about this that I know exactly what I have to do. Image

The bad news is insulin injections, i hate needles, but have grown accustomed to giving them to my son.  I most likely will change my diet to be more protein based to not have to do insulin as much except to correct blood sugar. Go south beach diet. My son has to eat carbohydrates because he is growing and needs them till he is fully grown. 

I can’t help but to feel depressed that the luxury of eating nacho cheese Doritos is gone. The many foods with carbohydrates never thought about will affect my life, if this is my reality.  My son is my hero in how he handles his life and can only hope to be half as awesome as he is about it. 


5 thoughts on “Diabetes

  1. I am no doctor but from what I have found through moving to a nutritious diet without Doritos and junk food you can recover from this diagnosis.

    Start with a cleanse and healthy eating then see what the doctor says. Our bodies are constantly rebuilding themselves so with good nutrition and fitness a new world of health will be opened to you and your family.

    Clifford Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health

    • Thanks for commenting! From my understanding there is no getting the pancreas back. Diabetes 2 yes, eating differently and exercise because with diabetes 2 your pancreas is providing you insulin, your body does not utilize the insulin properly. We are pretty healthy and have a good diet and are pretty thin. The Doritos are a treat not a staple. If you have information on diabetes type 1, I am interested. There seems to be a lot of confusion about type 1 and 2.

      • With type 2 it can be visualized like a golf bal with something blocking all of the dimples so that it is smooth which mean that no insulin processing can occur because the entrances and exits are blocked.

        With type 1 it can be visualized like all the dimples are clear but the body is not able to process the insulin that is available. What they doctors are saying is that they don’t know what is stopping the body from using the insulin available. I don’t either.

        What I am saying is that the food we eat may be the way to have better processing of insulin. Not a cure, but may provide a better lifestyle. I don’t mean to say that Doritos are your main food group, but more that even as a treat they may not be good to eat.

        Getting vitamins and minerals along with a nutritious diet may provide a better lifestyle over and above type 1/2 information. Consider this about sugar craving and processing in the body…

        Clifford Mitchem
        Advocare Distributor
        Nutrition + Fitness = Health

  2. Noba Dee says:

    There are a lot of people in my family with diabetes. I watch my diet and exercise regularly. I’m still at high risk of being hit by an asteroid though. =/

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