I have had this thought about life and what makes us happy as humans.

That is an individual process because different things make an individual happy. There are commonalities in our happiness or generalities.

Security makes a lot of people happy. What is security anyway?  Money, houses, relationships, good job, vacations?  Is it really security or is it a facade? I moved to the suburbs for the good schools.  I thought they were safer for my children to be raised in. The reality is I have a registered sex offender on my street and a student walked into my daughter’s high school shooting a gun and putting off homemade bombs. Yes, the education my kids are getting is stellar but my security that this is the safest place for my kids, not so much. My security has a big fat hole in it. However,  I know we could live in a much worse situation because that is the reality too.

That has made me really question what happy means to me. I know it isn’t security because that is gone Or the facade that it was secure is gone.  I have had people say to me, ” you only have one life here”. Yes, and no guarantee of tomorrow.  We can eat right,  work out, try to be healthy internally and get hit by a bus or car today. Maybe,  that is why we build so much on what makes us feel secure because we know that life is short and things can happen. Like a big magical fence.

I recently thought about wanting to move  to Belize.  I like being warm and long for the beach. I wonder often if life in the u.s.a. is for me. I feel pressure to consume and at this point I feel my belongings own me, not the opposite. I long for simplicity and community.  Not things. However,  I say this living here in the u.s. and not there experiencing what exactly that looks like. People do this and Belize is growing in ex patriots giving up life here for there.I am not sure if this is what I really want or if I need to create a different space here.

I suppose we are all trying to figure out these questions and answers to our lives. No place is perfect but different. Is the difference enough to create happiness?  I know happiness is internal. Wherever you go, there you are. I have been through a lot this past couple months and really feel I have to look at this. I want to take the time to ask these questions.  I don’t want to just live what I know and is familiar.  I want to live because I feel there is a purpose to living in it and continuing on that path because it is fulfilling.


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