Introvert bitching

Monday’s are my normal day off and part of my weekend. I always feel cheated on holidays that fall on Mondays. These are the days I get stuff done while everyone else is working and my kids are in school. I love that I am not fighting crowds of people at the store mondays. I can get a lot accomplished due to the fact that everyone else is working. 

Today I am getting a long, overdue massage before I head to counseling which I normally do on Mondays as well. Normally I would be doing errands following that but my kids will be home today. They will definitely want to do something to celebrate no school.  Hopefully counseling will put a different perspective than I have right now which is to leave me alone on my Monday. 

Sounds mean but I am introverted and love my alone time. The thought of being around the multitude sounds exhausting and draining. I work with the public all week at my job and talk endlessly about their lives which is why I go to therapy so I can talk about my own life and release what I need to for my job and family.  

#introvert problems! 


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