My Hero

This is my 13 year old son, he is my hero.

He was invited to sing the national anthem at a hockey game last night. He has the voice of an angel and killed it! He was given a standing ovation and the players and referees shook his hand.  It took everything in me to not cry.

I have only met a handful of people in my life who are like my son. He is good at everything he touches. He sings, plays guitar, hip-hop dances amazing,  has a online business making duct tape products and bracelets, straight A student, president of Spanish club, student council, he was awarded the highest award for middle school for all around achievement. None of this is me pushing him. The only credit I can take is encouraging him.

This year he started a anti bully table in the cafeteria.  He has so much empathy for others and fights for the underdog. He is no stranger to bullying.  For the last 3 years he has been tormented and told he was queer and gay, tripped and pushed into the lockers.

This December he was diagnosed with diabetes type 1 and is now insulin dependent. He has taken this on like a champion. That is who he is. Every day he knows what’s going on with his diabetes. I told him how proud I was of him for taking care of himself and he asked me what else could he do but that. I told him that he had an option to do that or not. I told him that a lot of people choose to not be pro active in their health care. Since his diagnosis the bullying has stopped. Thank God.

I don’t mean any of this to sound pretentious because I stand in awe of who he is. I have no doubt he will be known for his talents but more is the person he is and his determination to succeed  in this life despite obstacles. I feel so privileged to parent him.



2 thoughts on “My Hero

  1. He sounds like a great son, and someone well-equipped to deal with Type 1 Diabetes. My youngest son was diagnosed with Type 1 as a two-year-old, Like your son, Chris has a “let’s just deal with this” attitude. As far back as I can remember, he was determined to not let Diabetes define who he is. He never brings it up in conversation,
    He got an insulin pump as soon as he was old enough and was active in football, lacrosse and surfing all through high school. Today he is happily married and a mechanical engineer working on bridges and tunnels but he dreams of designing an insulin pump that is “as tough as the people who use it.” He is known for many things today, but Type 1 Diabetes is still just a footnote to Chris.
    Your son has so many talents and sounds so balanced. I’m sure that diabetes will be just one of those things he’ll handle while chasing his big dreams. Good luck.

    • Thanks for commenting. That is great your son has done so well! We are looking into the pump right now.
      That is a concern about living in belieze and to manage that well. Schools too are a concern.
      I am thrilled to hear your experiances doing this move to Belize.

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