Daily prompt: it’s Friday, i’m in love.

Love the band, the cure and this is fitting of my  former goth life to tell you the story of my first love. 

I saw him at my new high school. He had Robert Smith hair, nose ring and wore creeper shoes that were unusually colored.  I had no idea how I was going to talk to him but I was determined. 

One day I was waiting for my friend and he was there smiling at me. My heart pumping, palms sweating I said, ” hi, I love your nose ring”. This is 1989 when people did not have piercings like today. He answered,  “I did it myself”. I thought wow, he is way too cool for me. My friend came out of her classroom, thank God. I said,” goodbye” and ran off with my friend. 

Nothing developed apart from acknowledging each other’s presence  in the hallways for months, he was 2 years older than me. I assumed he was not interested.

The spring of that year I decided to pierce my nose. He walked up to me at school and told me he noticed my nose ring and told me I was beautiful.  I thought my heart had dropped into to my stomach. I could barely speak but to mutter a thank you and leave.

 We both smoked cigarettes and went to the same area allocated for that. I have severe hypoglycemia and felt faint, I was walking towards my sister to tell her to take me home when I passed out and fell into this drainage ditch. Who rescued me from that? Him, of course. He walked me to the nurses office, I was covered in debris and sure looked a bit of a swamp monster. He was very concerned and I was mortified.

 That is the day we started dating.  My determination was not what got us together.  We dated for the next year and he was my first real love. 

Several years later, life would have us meet again.  We dated again because we had been in love before. Unfortunately, it Just wasn’t there and we agreed it was enough to be each other’s first love. 

Happy Valentine’s day! 


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