Anti-Haggard living

I just read a blog about how to not become a more  haggard  looking women while aging. These incredible ideas can be found Oprah. Com.

This is hilarious because women will actually do this, including me!  While working out make sure your face is not looking like you are straining at all. Smile in the mirror at home to practice smiling while working out. Seriously, we are nuts! Ready.. smile and then lift 20 pound weights..don’t strain..and smile.

My second  favorite was if you are using to many anti aging products it actually makes your skin look thin, delicate and worse. I purchase everything anti-aging. So now my face is strained with thin skin.Oh and never rub your eyes that makes you look really old! It makes the skin underneath your eye sag. It pulls eyelashes out as well.So if your eye itches or you are tired TOO BAD! Don’t under any circumstances rub your eyes. 

You know those vitamins you are taking to stay healthy?  Well apparently omega 3s makes your skin red, cause acne or give you rosacea. So , add red to your strained, saggy eyed, thin and delicate facial skin.

Thank you Oprah for helping me see how I am affecting myself negatively on top of nature doing a pretty good job itself. Okay ladies, those book club snacks late at night,  it’s a no go. You can’t have that many carbs it makes you look bad!

Okay here it is, the final haggard thing you can do to yourself. I will agree with this one as a hairdresser.  No tight ponytails, it makes you recede premature.  Wear a messy ,loose ,less scalp pulling ponytail or bun. 

Funny! I will take some and leave some of this anti-haggard living.


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