what would you like with your church?

I just commented on a post that brought up a subject matter I have not written about. 

The church today. I don’t want to bash the church.  It is what it is. 

I wonder how we can do church differently?  How can it become a place where people can come and be open about what they struggle with, without judgment?  Just a place of community that you are accepted and loved and known. It is not that people don’t struggle it is that there is a formula of what it looks like.

Why is pornography viewed by so many pastors?  I think it is because they don’t feel free to say I am struggling with this because of judgement. This is not  good for people.  I would never be offended by that statement,  I would be glad they were open and would feel safe that they are leading with honesty. Also instead of viewing pastors as teachers and humans they are elevated to something they are not. I just don’t have that expectation. Humans are human. 

I am tired of the rules and legalism that run the church.  I just don’t want to do it anymore.  So I don’t.  My children asked if I was an atheist because I don’t want to go to church.  Where did that come from? That statement makes me feel like I have raised them in a cult. They feel if they question,  it is wrong. I have had to talk to them about their daily walk and not about fitting in at church. 

I have not found a church that I am looking for. I am not sure I will. The church I want to go to doesn’t look anything like what is available today. I have hope that I will because there are many people who have grown tired of this society.  


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