when life doesn’t go as planned *yell,*” plot twist “and keep going.

I feel so terrible today. I am coughing and sick with the flu. The silver lining is the much needed ab workout I am getting from the coughing.

Monday I found out that my daughter is pregnant.  She lives in LA, and had gone to the emergency room because she was so sick. They informed her she was pregnant and told her she was starting to miscarry. I flew her home that night. We went to a obgyn Tuesday who told her the pregnancy is viable and what the er had seen was not what they told her.

She had a ultrasound and we saw the little one ,the size of a gummy bear. Her due date is very close to her birthday.  She has decided to continue the pregnancy and have the baby.

This is a huge life change for anyone. She is modeling out in LA. She is planning to move home to be near us for support.

This is a full circle moment for me. I was 17 years old when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter.  I was kicked out of my home and moved into a home for unwed mothers called bridgeway. Two weeks ago I received a friend request on Facebook from carol Haas.  She is the founder of bridgeway and a very important person to me. She helped me so much during my pregnancy and gave me the support I needed to make it through that time in my life. I don’t think it is coincidental that things happen in this life. I contacted carol the minute I found out about my daughter. She sent me pictures of me pregnant and after I had given birth in the hospital.  I can’t believe she held on to those for 21 years.

My daughter will be 22 years old when the baby comes, I am thankful she is not a teenager. She is reading a ton about her pregnancy and a spiritual book about bonding with her baby. I think she will be a good mom. It is looking like she will be a single mom. That is pretty normal in a unplanned pregnancy. The great news for her is she has our support. My parents have taken this opportunity to be different and she has their support as well. She also has a friend who wants to be involved and a huge support to her.

I will be grandma at 40 years old. A new twist on feeling older. I know this way of life is counter culture and many people my age are starting families. I am asked all the time with both of my daughter’s if we are sisters. I know that I will be asked if the baby is mine and will have that awkward moment when I say it is my grandchild. That is fine, I look younger than I am. That is a good thing. I am looking forward to being a grandmother. This child will be loved by so many people.


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