Daily Prompt: Quirk of Habit

Which quirky habit annoys you the most, and what quirky habit do you love in yourself and others.

I would start off to say quirk is a behavior that is not common or odd in behaviors. There are many behaviors that annoy me but most are common.

My father comes to mind immediately in this prompt. He has many quirky behaviors that annoy me. This is the most annoying quirky habit to me : when he needs to clear his phlegm he does this loud, throat clearing noise and coughs up his mucous to then spit in the nearest available place and not in a tissue, this is done whenever needed, out in public,his home, my home. It has not only annoyed me but embarrassed me the entirety of my life. Second annoying, when he needs to itch his inner ear instead of getting a q tip, puts his index  finger in his ear and shakes it to relieve  it while doing his throat clearing noise sometimes even producing phlegm in this scenario. The last quirk of his I will share is done in his home with his recliner chair. When he is ready to take that chair back he pushes with his feet as hard as he can and pulls on the recliner handle as hard as possible to hear every metallic popping sound the chair makes. This has been done with every recliner chair he has owned.

A quirky habit that annoys me is when people speak in a low, unintelligible ,and hurried voice. My ability to stay focused in that conversation is gone. I most of the time answer them with mm-hmm , because I have no idea what they said.

I think the quirky habit I like most in people and myself: the ability to  arrive early to wherever they are going, that is what they consider on time. I work on a schedule and time is very important to me. I do consider this a quirk as it is not common in behaviors.


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