writing prompt:truth or dare

This is a great question.  Is it best to always be honest? I feel I have lived my life being honest and owning up to my mistakes.  I have always tied the characteristic integrity to this point.

What I have learned about this is twofold.  For myself I feel better when I am honest. Until recently I have felt no matter what I should be honest. I have gotten very hurt due to this thinking. I don’t know if it is age or enough experiances to make me think twice about this honesty piece. This is what I have learned  People who do not live this way or have the quality of honesty are not safe people to be honest with. This topic is  something I have a lot of personal experience in. I have learned to get to know people well enough to know their values.  If I do not feel they are honest not only am I not going to be vulnerable or honest but will not have a deep relationship with them either.

I value people who live in honesty. I think it is rare to find these people.  I also know now to have boundaries with dishonest people.  That is my job is to know who to trust and be honest with.



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