writing prompt:style

I would describe my clothes style as fitted, comfortable, and in style. I shop at H&M because it is affordable to shop there for shirts and some pants. I have found the secret of never drying clothes to make them last and H&M clothes do well if you treat them this way.  I buy paige jeans which are pricey but like the way they fit on my body. I am a shoe whore, I will spend the most money on shoes and boots. I love boots, I am glad this season is about low heels. I find a nice pair of shoes pulls an outfit together in a stylish way. I wear black,dark grey, mahogany/violet with some tan or brown. I go through times I wear jewelry and accessories but not always.  I never wear skirts or shorts. I do not like my legs so I never show them. I buy a jacket every winter and find that important for style. This year I have a calvin klein black suede jacket with a fur interior.  It is so comfortable and looks great with everything. 

My style for my home is modern, minimal,  and comfortable. I like things to make you feel at home but clean and minimal.  Ikea makes this affordable and easy to do. I usually change my decor seasonally.  I am drawn towards violet/magenta accents currently. I love the shape of bubbles/round and tend to have a lot of that at all times. 

My hair is usually changing frequently as I am a hairdresser. Currently it is long with a mahogany/gold base with some golden highlights.  I recently cut bangs which I love and feel younger and more stylish with. I wear Mac makeup because it stays on all day and I have not found anything comparable to it. I use md forte for my skin care.  It keeps my skin clear and has anti aging properties in it. 

This is an interesting topic to me. I am in my last year of my 30’s. I feel it important to dress appropriate for my age but have fun with it. I know if I can achieve this myself I can help people in my work be successful as well.


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