New research says Facebook is a social network for people who are older than 20 something.  Teens are using Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat more than Facebook.  My children who are teens laugh at my news feed that includes news articles, recipes and sharing of family photos of whatever interests they are participating in. 

There is also research that 1in 3 people feel depressed after being on Facebook.  Usually those are people who scroll through news feed and don’t share often. Also it has been proven that Facebook causes envy because of people sharing their vacations and successes.  Women tend to feel envious of beauty in other women and men feel envious of successes in jobs, vacations, lifestyles. 

Why do we love Facebook?  I did not grow up with the internet or social media so it is not familiarity. I find Facebook wonderful for times I am waiting for anything. I enjoy the articles people put up and read them. I tend to be happy for people who are doing well  and enjoy seeing their family pictures.  I do find myself thinking I don’t do as many activities as my Facebook friends do but I tend to be a homebody. So the comparison factor is at play there.  However,  it is a huge pet peeve of mine to see people documenting every second of their day on Facebook. I don’t think I am alone in that annoyance. 

I don’t think Facebook should ever replace human interaction. We are made for community as people and need that face time.  Just a thought but maybe all the triggers Facebook causes is a root issue in people to look at and work on in themselves.  I know for myself I need to leave my home more often and have more experiances. I have a social job so I need downtime for myself to recharge but realize I also need to get out more often. 

Life is what we make it. we can be victims or be self aware to change things that make us unhappy or unfulfilled. 


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