30 minute writing challenge

I just read a blog with someone writing for 30 minutes as the goal, found that a great challenge and wanted to try it myself.

Without analyzing thoughts, just writing straight through the time. My mind works quickly so my hope is that I can communicate that in a way that makes since to you.

Today we went sledding as a family.  We drove to a sledding hill that is steep to climb but is amazing while riding down in the sleds. I must admit I felt very out of shape while climbing. We had a lot of fun.

We discovered my husband lost his wallet when we got home from eating out, back into the car to look in the one of two places it could be. We drove to the sledding hill and looked in the dark with flashlights in 10 degrees. No luck. We drove back to the restaurant to look in the booth we were in. The management and staff got involved.  We felt the busser acted suspicious when asked about the wallet. Nope. We pulled into the driveway dismayed.  We searched the car again and ‘walla’ we found it between the seats. DUH!

I am 10 minutes into this challenge.  I probably should not look at the time while doing this. I am nervous of reveling how my brain moves to dumb subjects.  

I am someone who loves great smelling  environments.  I bought a ton of bath and body candles that are amazing. I have 3 dogs so there is competition for bad smells going on regularly, between halitosis and flatulence. I need awesome working candles.

I read yesterday that magenta is the number one color for 2014. I just went crazy at ikea and decorated with quite a bit of it. I did not know magenta was in at the time. I love my environment clean and updated.  I prefer that it feels nothing like my mind which is always going and analyzing.  I find it equalizing. 

I am 20 minutes in to this challenge and am still not feeling the flow with writing because I care what I am saying and that is not the challenge. 

In all reality not many will read this and I am grateful for that. I am pretty sure I would have left this page if reading it. I am not sure of that actually.  I have read quite a bit of bad things.  I tend to read self help books and like some fantasy.  I also enjoy reading blogs. I have written since I was a small person. just on paper and rarely shared with others. 

I am a hair dresser and feel that I communicate well with speaking. I would like to accomplish that in my writing. I want to communicate my humor which is dry for the most part. I love my job and feel grateful for this. It is a creative outlet as well as being a pseudo counsellor, and great listener.  

One thing I have learned in this life is that life is not fair.  I am not sure where I was ever told it was or if just became an expectation somewhere.  Bad things happen to great people. We are all suffering on some level and that makes us human and able to relate too. I feel I communicate a lot to clients that they are not alone in their suffering and can even be more common than they realize in their situations. I think the worst thing to feel is alone and that no one understands.

My time is up and feel I just settled into this and could keep going by telling you something random my mind decides to throw out there. I will spare you and thank you to all who endeavored this challenge with me. I also type slow so some people I am sure will think this is not much for 30 minutes.


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