My Christmas Gift

It is amazing to me how much I have taken for granted in this life, until recently I have not realized this.

On Monday I took my son to the doctor office because he was not feeling well. At worst I thought he had a bladder infection. It turned out to be diabetes type 1. The doctor told me to take him straight to children’s hospital. His sugar levels were at almost 600. Normal sugar levels are 60-120. I had a vague understanding of what this meant, I knew that this required insulin. That was all I really knew. We drove the half hour together and he was beside himself and I just kept telling him we will get through this, it will be okay.

When we arrived at the hospital they got an I.v. started of fluids he was extremely dehydrated, the onset of diabetes cause all the water to flush the extra sugar out so it causes dehydration. They were worried about his ketones  which happens because the body is feeding off fat for energy and a acid builds causing carbon monoxide to build and breathing becomes difficult. They stabilized him and gave him insulin. He started feeling better immediately. The endocrinologist told me I had a great doctor that diagnosed him early, I am so grateful for that. No one on either side of our families  has diabetes , the endocrinologist explained that diabetes is auto immune and can be genetic but is most prevalent in the auto immune family. Meaning a virus had come in at some point and instead of his immune system attacking that ,it started attacking his pancreas. We live where there is an amazing diabetes center for children. We are so blessed!

Every day i tell him he is my hero. He is so proactive and logging his numbers and he knows all his medication and how much insulin he needs. I am just blown away! In just 4 days he is doing this. He has his hip hop recital this weekend and he is fully back to being able to do this. I am so grateful for this!

My daughter was in the Arapahoe High School shooting last Friday. She returns to school today. The support of the communities around us has been amazing. I am so grateful that she is safe and alive. She still has a hard time sleeping but everyday it gets better. I hope today is healing for her as she returns to school.

I have amazing people in my life that have supported me through all of this and i am so grateful for them! My oldest child just moved to California and is very homesick, we won’t see her for Christmas but we will Skype. I am grateful for her to follow her dream to move where she wanted even though it is hard.

My Christmas gift is that all my children are safe and alive. I am just blown away by the generosity my family has been shown in this time as well! Merry Christmas!


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