Have a coke and a smile


I took my son to McDonald’s today after I picked him up from middle school. This is not something we frequently due because I think McDonald’s is toxic for your health. However, I am a sucker for the filet-of-fish sandwich when we decide to visit the dark side.

My son’s attitude lately has been grumpy at best. I thought it would be nice to just sit together and talk about what was bothering him. Every thing he told me was familiar.  Middle school doesn’t seem to change throughout the years. We talked about his boundaries with people ,and how to handle situations differently ,as we sipped on our cokes.

When we finished he felt better ,and it was great to watch his temperament change as he blew off some steam. I think that jingle, have a coke and a smile was around in the 80’s. It remains stuck in my brain, just like the terrible memories of junior high. The coke just tastes better and the time spent together with my son,priceless!


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