Warrior Strong, We cry for one lost warrior

Claire Davis passed away today around 4:30 pm. Claire was 17 years old and a senior at Arapahoe High School. She was shot in the face with a shot gun on Dec 13th by a student at Arapahoe High School.I was eating dinner at a restaurant when I received a e-mail from the Arapahoe High School principle stating she had passed away. I bawled my eyes out. We as a community have been praying for her and her family and hoping she would recover from this tragedy.

Life is so precious and this makes no sense. We will keep going, but we will never forget this precious warrior. Rest in peace: Claire!ImageImage


My Christmas Gift

It is amazing to me how much I have taken for granted in this life, until recently I have not realized this.

On Monday I took my son to the doctor office because he was not feeling well. At worst I thought he had a bladder infection. It turned out to be diabetes type 1. The doctor told me to take him straight to children’s hospital. His sugar levels were at almost 600. Normal sugar levels are 60-120. I had a vague understanding of what this meant, I knew that this required insulin. That was all I really knew. We drove the half hour together and he was beside himself and I just kept telling him we will get through this, it will be okay.

When we arrived at the hospital they got an I.v. started of fluids he was extremely dehydrated, the onset of diabetes cause all the water to flush the extra sugar out so it causes dehydration. They were worried about his ketones  which happens because the body is feeding off fat for energy and a acid builds causing carbon monoxide to build and breathing becomes difficult. They stabilized him and gave him insulin. He started feeling better immediately. The endocrinologist told me I had a great doctor that diagnosed him early, I am so grateful for that. No one on either side of our families  has diabetes , the endocrinologist explained that diabetes is auto immune and can be genetic but is most prevalent in the auto immune family. Meaning a virus had come in at some point and instead of his immune system attacking that ,it started attacking his pancreas. We live where there is an amazing diabetes center for children. We are so blessed!

Every day i tell him he is my hero. He is so proactive and logging his numbers and he knows all his medication and how much insulin he needs. I am just blown away! In just 4 days he is doing this. He has his hip hop recital this weekend and he is fully back to being able to do this. I am so grateful for this!

My daughter was in the Arapahoe High School shooting last Friday. She returns to school today. The support of the communities around us has been amazing. I am so grateful that she is safe and alive. She still has a hard time sleeping but everyday it gets better. I hope today is healing for her as she returns to school.

I have amazing people in my life that have supported me through all of this and i am so grateful for them! My oldest child just moved to California and is very homesick, we won’t see her for Christmas but we will Skype. I am grateful for her to follow her dream to move where she wanted even though it is hard.

My Christmas gift is that all my children are safe and alive. I am just blown away by the generosity my family has been shown in this time as well! Merry Christmas!


A warrior mother’s cry

It is Sunday, I was hoping to wake up and feel a lot better. It doesn’t magically happen. My daughter is a freshman at Arapahoe High School. Friday’s shooting has changed our lives forever. My family is in shock. The trauma is felt by every person affected by this horror and we all are trying to find our way through the aftermath.

I have had so much empathy for people affected by shootings on t.v.and personally helped with the outreach to the Columbine High School shooting 15 years ago. Living in Colorado we have had our share of these shootings. I can tell you, I never thought a shooting would personally affect my family. 

We had my daughter’s friends over yesterday. They are dealing with this by getting together. They also can’t eat. We watched a Jim Gaffigan comedy together and they played a game and listened to music that was funny. It was good to hear them laugh. It was good for a little while they can forget. Sleeping is where it is most difficult. No one slept Friday night.  

Fear is the thing that keeps coming up. They have to go back into those hallways, as parents we have to let them go back. The feeling of safety is gone. The fear of how this will affect their lives in the future. I am not a stranger to fear, i don’t think any parent is. when i received a text from my daughter Friday telling me that the school is in lock down, Shots had been fired, the swat team was there and she was crying and terrified, my heart went into my stomach. The helplessness is indescribable. I answered her that i love her so much, to pray and to stay down. I left work and drove to the school in shock. Trying to reach my husband to connect with him when we both got there. The chaos is nothing i have experienced with trying to find somewhere to park and find out where to go. The media frenzy  taking advantage of your personal space and photographing these kids and parents reuniting. We were not told anything at the church except that this is where our children will be dropped off. Everyone at home watching this happen had more information than any of us standing there waiting for our kids. a lot of us waited for 4 hours to reunite with our kids as they bused them to the church. Then we were told to not interact with them because they needed to be in the church. There were several lines around the church to get your child. We were all calling our kids to find out where they were in the church. It was a mess. You know your child is inside, you want to hold them and comfort them. They were left again to wait. The moment we got her was indescribable to hold her and know she was with us.

It is over physically. We are in the grief process. Shock is still here accompanied by anger. The mother’s involved in this tragedy i have processed with are dealing with all of this. I was one of the fortunate mom’s whose child had their cell phone because many did not during this. We are all grateful our children are safe. We are grateful that they have had shooting drills and protocols in place. We are also angry we are thankful for this. Our kids should never have to go through this, ever! The boy who did this was a problem and the anger from the kids is if he is represented as a victim. He bullied and had strong opinions that were negative. They told me, they knew he was unstable, they even had classes changed to not be with him.I don’t know how we fix this as a society but personally feel the media sensationalizes the shooter’s who do this. I also feel that if someone has turned 18 and is enrolled in school, the school should be notified if a gun has been purchased. I don’t know if you can psychologically profile a person. These kids thought he was awful but never thought he was capable of this.  

The week to come sounds like it will be a time for the students to get their belongings and process through this together. They need each other. They have to face the school again together. I have no doubt, they will. They are warriors,warriors take care of each other ImageImage




Finals and sickness


For all you teachers, this is a picture of your overachiever student doing homework while falling asleep and sick.

I asked her if she was sick, as i look around her at all the tissues scattered. She said, “no, I am in denial I am sick”. Nothing will stop this girl from her straight A streak.

I am into natural remedies for sicknesses. I am giving her pressed garlic to knock this out. Hopefully tomorrow she won’t reek! Garlic is a natural antibiotic and the very thing that makes your breath fend off vampires is what heals you. Rooibos red tea and lemon will help too. The tea has strong antioxidants and the lemon has vitamin c. Why am I telling you this? Well, everyone  I know has fever and chills or the stomach flu. It is going around. Free, unsolicited advice! Yay!


Have a coke and a smile


I took my son to McDonald’s today after I picked him up from middle school. This is not something we frequently due because I think McDonald’s is toxic for your health. However, I am a sucker for the filet-of-fish sandwich when we decide to visit the dark side.

My son’s attitude lately has been grumpy at best. I thought it would be nice to just sit together and talk about what was bothering him. Every thing he told me was familiar.  Middle school doesn’t seem to change throughout the years. We talked about his boundaries with people ,and how to handle situations differently ,as we sipped on our cokes.

When we finished he felt better ,and it was great to watch his temperament change as he blew off some steam. I think that jingle, have a coke and a smile was around in the 80’s. It remains stuck in my brain, just like the terrible memories of junior high. The coke just tastes better and the time spent together with my son,priceless!